Startup consultation with the Club`s founder


At a personal meeting with one of the co-founders of the Club, a startup can analyze its strategy, various aspects of company management, get recommendations on product development and business scaling, discuss fundraising and building relationships with investors and close other relevant issues for itself.

Depending on the request, according to the results of the consultation, the startup has the opportunity to receive:
- formed a plan for further development,
- useful materials and links,
- relevant contacts and warm intros,
- investment offer.

Service execution time:

The date and time of the online meeting are determined by mutual agreement of the customer with the co-founder of the club.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. After submitting the application, the club employee will contact you.
2. You specify your request by thesis.
3. The Club determines the co-founder for consultation.
4. The club offers you a time to call.
5. You make the payment.
6. The club sends you a link to connect.
7. An online consultation is conducted.
8. Following the consultation, the club sends you the materials that you agreed with the co-founder on the call.

Category: Training

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