Building the Investor Relations system

Free investment strategy consultation for members of Prosto VC
IRM (Investor Relations Management) setup and management :
  • Setting up and managing an investor relations management system for effective interaction and communication with current and potential investors.
Calculation of the valuation and analysis of investment potential:
  • Determining the company's actual valuation and investment potential, considering investor`s goals and preferences.
300 investor contacts:
  • Researching to identify 300 potential investors who are most suitable for your company.
Omnichannel investor campaign strategy:
  • Development of a comprehensive strategy for interacting with investors through various channels: email, LinkedIn, Telegram and participation in events with partners.
100 pitches on behalf of the company:
  • Preparation of 100 investment presentations on behalf of your company aimed at effectively presenting the business to potential investors.
5 pitches by our warm intro:
  • Organizing and conducting 5 meetings or calls with potential investors from our network.
Linkedin Profile Analytics:
  • Analyzing the company's profile on LinkedIn to optimize and improve visibility for investors.
Copywriting (scripts, teasers, pitch deck text):
  • Creating texts for scripts, teasers and pitch deck content using selling elements.
Investor appointment service and preparation for them:
  • Organization and planning of meetings with potential investors, as well as preparation of necessary materials and information.

Execution time:

At least 3 months. The price is indicated per month.

Step-by-step description of the process:

  1. You submit an application here.
  2. We will contact you by mail or by indicated messenger to arrange a convenient time for a full-fledged online meeting to clarify your request.
  3. Further steps are worked out individually after an introductory online meeting.

*The price is per month.

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Gingo Partners

Gingo Partners

Gringo Ventures - the company, with offices in Yerevan, Dubai and London, specializes in investments in technology companies and venture capital funds.

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