Pitch Deck check-up by the Club`s founder

The analysis of the pitchdeck is aimed at qualitative improvement of this document in order to achieve the goals of fundraising. You will receive expert feedback on how your presentation is seen by venture investors, how you can improve the slides and your story about the project, what important information is missing and what extra is present in the soundboard.

We will prepare recommendations based on your materials in advance, after which you will receive a half-hour feedback from the co-founder of the club in the format of an online call. If possible, visual examples of pitchdecks of other startups and methodological materials are attached to the recommendations.

Service execution time:

5 working days, the time of the online meeting is determined by mutual agreement of the customer with the co-founder of the club.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. You direct the pitchdeck and record your pitch.
2. You make the payment.
3. The co-founder reviews your materials, prepares recommendations and feedback.
4. A representative of the club contacts you to schedule an online meeting with the co-founder of the club..
5. The club sends you a link to connect
6. There is a 30-minute online call with feedback from the co-founder of the club.
7. Following the call, the club sends you additional materials with recommendations for finalizing your pitch.

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