High-quality One Pager

One Pager is one structured slide that contains basic information in the shortest possible form about a startup. It is usually a mixture of text, graphics and design in the corporate style of a startup, created in order to convey the key ideas, advantages and potential of the business in the most concentrated way. It may include the following sections: market, product, business model, tracking and metrics, sales and marketing, competition, technology, team, and investment conditions.

Execution time:

5 working days after providing the materials and approving the application on the Customer's side.

Additional comments:

English is used as the main language of the slide, which is due to the international nature of the work of the Prosto VC club. Translation into Russian is provided for an additional fee of $ 50 due to administrative costs.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. After submitting the application, the club employee determines an analyst for consultation, who contacts you.
2. An online consultation is held to clarify the details and wishes.
3. The club employee sends the invoice, and you make the payment.
4. You send the pitch deck and other data if necessary.
5. The analyst prepares the slide.
6. The slide is sent to the customer for review.
7. The analyst answers questions about the slide with a message or conducts an additional call.
8. The analyst refines the slide if necessary.

Category: Fundraising

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