Investment Memo

Cost for Prosto VC club members = $800
The investment memorandum is intended to give potential investors a complete picture of the prospects of a startup and help them make the final decision on investment. The 5-7-page report includes the same sections as scoring, but analyzes each aspect in more depth and in more detail, namely the market, product, business model, traction / metrics, sales and marketing, competition, technology, team and a deal, as well as additionally examines risks and provides analytics on various possible scenarios.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the context, if necessary, interviews will be conducted with experts, as well as with the startup environment in the following areas: verification of key team members, IP level assessment, regulation, clients and partners, as well as potential M&A.

Service execution time:

14 working days. after the provision of materials and approval of the application on the Customer's side.

Additional comments:

English is used as the main language of the report, which is due to the international nature of the work of the Prosto VC club. Translation into Russian is provided for an additional fee of $100 due to administrative costs.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. After submitting the application, the club employee will contact you.
2. You specify your request in detail together, the club analyst provides preliminary advice.
3. You make the payment.
4. The analyst prepares a report.
5. The report is sent to you for review.
6. The analyst answers the additional questions about the report.
7. The analyst completes the report if necessary.

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