Startup scoring (express due dil)

Cost for Prosto VC club members = $300

Scoring is a method of assessing the investment attractiveness of a business. It consists in analyzing certain startup criteria for setting a numerical rating on them. Scoring is used to quickly assess the potential of the company and implies the search, analysis and verification of information about the project from all sources available to the analyst. The final report does not contain in-depth explanations of technology, market, etc. This methodology is often used by venture funds to select promising deals from a large pipeline.

In the study, 10 key sections are screened, each of which will be assigned a score from 1 to 3, where 1 is low potential and 3 is high. This will allow you to understand the unique advantages and weaknesses of a startup. The output will be a detailed 4-5-page report with the results of analysis on the following aspects: market, product, business model, tracking, sales and marketing, competition, technology, team, transaction and finance.

Interviews with experts:

For a deeper understanding of the context and obtaining an expert second opinion when compiling the scoring, the analyst is ready to conduct interviews with industrial experts, as well as with the startup environment in the following areas: checking key team members, IP level assessment, regulation, clients and partners, potential M&A, etc. The cost of 1 interview = $100.

Service execution time:

Up to 10 p.d. after the provision of materials and approval of the application on the Customer's side.

Additional comments:

English is used as the main language of the report, which is due to the international nature of the work of the Prosto VC club. Translation into Russian is provided for an additional fee of $100 due to administrative costs.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. You send us the pitchdeck, financial model and other available documents about your startup.

2. You make the payment.

3. The analyst makes a primary analysis and forms a pool of questions to the founder.

4. A call is made with the startup's founder to clarify the details.

5. The analyst prepares the final report.

6. The report is sent to the customer for review.

7. The analyst answers your questions from the report.

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