How to become a syndicator

Cost for Prosto VC members = $400
The consultation will consider in detail all the steps of the syndicator from the moment of scouting the startup to closing the transaction and post-investment support of its co-investors. We will reveal what obligations the syndicator has and what expectations its target (the startup being invested) and co-investors have.

We have decomposed the entire syndicator's path into a methodology of 10 steps (up to 5 sub-items each) so that you do not miss a single detail and provide for all the essential aspects of the syndicated transaction in time, and your first syndication was at a qualitatively excellent level. Additionally, we will highlight which of the tasks the club can take on to simplify the task for you.

Service execution time:

The date and time of the online meeting are determined by mutual agreement of the customer with the co-founder of the club.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. A representative of the club will contact you to determine the date of the online consultation and send a link to the payment.
2. On the scheduled day, the club will provide you with a link to join the call.
3. You have a 1.5-hour consultation with the club's co-founder.
4. After the consultation, the club will provide you with extra materials about syndication, giving you a step-by-step checklist.

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