How to evaluate startups

Cost for Prosto VC club members = $300
A virtual discussion with the club's co-founder regarding how angels can effectively assess projects in the pre-seed, seed, and Round A stages. The conversation covers key criteria used by venture analysts, along with the specific indicators to pay attention to. The meeting also delves into topics like investment analysis, unit economics, and due diligence.

Following the consultation, the club will send you additional materials on this topic.

Service execution time:

The date and time of the online meeting are determined by mutual agreement of the customer with the co-founder of the club.

Step-by-step description of the process:

1. A representative of the club will contact you to determine the date of the online consultation and send a link to the payment.
2. On the scheduled day, the club will provide you with a link to join the call.
3. You have a 1.5-hour session for consultation with the club's co-founder.
4. The Club will send you additional materials on this topic.

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