Full investment analysis of a Web3-project

This service is the most approximate version of the work of the venture fund on the analysis of the web3 project.

As a result you will receive a full analytical report with the following assessments:
  • Investment attractiveness of the project (risks and profitability potential);
  • Project teams for knowledge of the product and the market, understanding further market movements ("if-then-else"). It is extremely important to understand before making a deal whether the team will take out and whether the picture (website / White Paper / Deck) matches the sound and thoughts (interview with the project).
  • Everything from the "Basic screening of the web3-project" and "Deep scoring of the web3-project" services;
  • Conducting online interviews with the project team (if necessary, several meetings);
  • Evaluation of the Go-To-Market strategy of the project (based on the results of the interview): marketing strategy, token listing platforms, market makers, KPIs for the Market Maker and other essential details.
  • Evaluation of financial documents (pre-legal) for the presence of standard and non-standard terms of the transaction, clauses, formulations;
  • Implementation of investment protection measures: consulting for a project based on current trends and indicators in the field, intro to quality auditors and market makers, etc.

The price of the service includes TWO interviews with an analyst. Each additional interview with the analyst costs additional $200.

Service execution time:

Up to 7 working days from the completion of the last interview with the project team.

The client provides:

The client provides all the information he has on the project. At this stage it is useful to see: the name of the project, the current domain, the social networks of the project and the team, the presentation/pitch deck, White Paper (if available).

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