Basic screening of Web3-project

This service is aimed at providing primary information, which will be enough to understand whether it is worth moving "deeper" into the project under consideration, including taking on additional costs for its research, or not.

Based on the result of this service, the Customer receives a report that will reflect the main metrics and reference points on which conclusions on the project are formed.

Each project is unique in one way or another and contains many variables that need to be paid attention to. In the basic version (depends on the level of maturity of the project, the availability of public/verifiable information and other parameters) at a minimum , the following will be produced:
  • Analysis of the project concept: relevance of the idea for the market, compliance with technological and market trends;
  • Assessment of the business model: is there a business in the project itself and is this project an "innovation without value";
  • Assessment of the professionalism of the project team;
  • Determination of the level and quality of the project's media (social networks, electronic media, etc.);
  • Verification and evaluation of existing partners and investors of the project.

The cost of the service does not include an interview of a startup with an analyst. The cost of an interview with an analyst is $100.

Service execution time:

Up to 3 days after the provision of materials and approval of the application on the Customer's side.

The client provides:

The client provides all the information he has on the project. At this stage, it is useful to see: the name of the project, the current domain, the social networks of the project and the team, the presentation / pitch deck (if available).

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